Vincent D

stars“Come for the fundamentals, stay for the community.

Iron Monkey Strength is a strength training gym. You wont find your typical cardio machines, dumbbells, selectorized machines or mirrors. Inside, however, is an array of kettle bells from 6kg to 48kg, three racks, and two stations for deadlifting. There is also tons of accessory equipment for mobility and recovery (bands, foam rollers, massagers) and an InBody scale.

The gym is also loaded with proper sanitary standards. There are multiple cleaning stations with spray bottles and wipes for the equipment, an easy to use mop cleaner for matts, and upon entering a sign in for contract tracing, and a temperature check. Free masks are available if you forgot yours. They also offer two single bathrooms equipped with the best smelling soap.

The trainers here have experience, knowledge, and most importantly a desire to see their students grow. They offer a 12-week training program for beginners to learn all the typical strength workouts with kettle bells (swings, cleans, push press, Turkish getups) and barbell (squat, deadlift, bench press, military press). Upon completion of the program you are then able to sign up as an open lifter allowing you to follow a more specialized program where (with the knowledge you’ve learned) workout on your own but still have the supervision of the trainers to guide, similar to that of a traditional dojo classroom.

But what keeps me coming back is the great environment and friends I’ve made a long away. We all support each other when lifting, talk about good habits to maintain, and have a great time.

-Vincent D.