Shante R

stars“As someone who has struggled with health and fitness for most of my life; going to and quitting many gyms and training facilities, then having the motivation and losing it shortly after. Exercise at often times has felt like a tortuous chore instead of something that I have wanted to do. Giving Iron Monkey Strength a try has been the best self care move I have made in a long time. It has started to transform my mentality. It’s not your typical gym environment. It is not just about your aesthetic goals, it’s about longevity. They encourage independence, growth, and give you the tools that you need to succeed and to keep going. For once I want to strive for more. I feel like I’m accomplishing things that I wasn’t capable of. I’m getting stronger, I’m learning, and I just overall feel better. Iron Monkey Strength has been the highlight of a very dark year. They are amazing. You will not go wrong with Jason and Jesse in your corner!!

-Shante R.