Iron Monkey Strength Open Lifter Pledge


Iron Monkey Strength Open Lifter Pledge

What follows is a posting of the pledge and agreement every student who has been granted open lift privileges signs. The idea here is to establish the expectation and then hold everyone accountable to it. This is an important difference between Iron Monkey Strength and other gyms, boxes, and boutiques.

Our Mission

We are committed to improving ourselves every day, leading with integrity, and supporting the success of our fellow Iron Monkey Strength students. We believe that strength and a physical practice are important to having a happy and healthy life. 

We Value

We are driven by our values.

  • Strength: To be practiced daily in both body and mind.
  • Knowledge: We are always learning and striving to empower others.
  • Trust: Is earned by behaving with integrity.
  • Respect: We have the greatest regard for ourselves, others, and the equipment we use.
  • Temperance: We strive to behave with restraint. Seeking balance in all things. Setting aside the ego, and making decisions based on our values instead of pride. 

Core Expectations

Safety and Discretion

It’s expected that all students who have earned the Open Lifter Privilege lift with the safety of themselves and those around them. 

This means the lifter will:

  • Use spotters or ask for them when necessary
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, leaving plenty of space between you and your fellow students.
  • Never drop anything except a loaded barbell. Never throw anything except a ball when appropriate. 
  • Always follow the direction of the Iron Monkey Coaches
  • Never do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing, causes pain, or try to perform any lift I have not been properly trained to do or under the supervision of a Coach. 
  • I will always look after my fellow students and lifters

Education and Training

As an Open Lifter and student at Iron Monkey Strength I am dedicated to gaining knowledge, learning new skills, and constantly improving the skills I currently practice. In That vein, I will do my best to

  • Train on a program
  • Train towards a goal/event/challenge.
  • Take advantage of workshops and courses from Iron Monkey Strength and Affiliates
  • Occasionally invest in Coaching.

Actions & Consequences

Being an Open Lifter at Iron Monkey Strength is a privilege. We take pride that our students are educated and trained. As an Open Lifter you’ve proven that you share our values, have a solid understanding of the Fundamental lifts, and are in many ways leaders to  our community. Sometimes people forget about the rules, or make mistakes. So here is a list of some actions and consequences to keep the expectations clear.

1. Dropping a kettlebell or dumbell for any reason other than safety
2. Dropping an Empty Barbell.
3. Doing anything that puts yourself or others in danger of injury or death.
First time: Warning
2nd: Warning 2 and 30 burpees or 100 swings (snatch size bell)
3rd: Lose your privilege.
Treating anyone with disrespect,
or just generally acting like an asshole.
First time: Warning
2nd: Warning 2 and 30 burpees or 100 swings (snatch size bell)
3rd: Lose your privilege.
Stealing, vandalism, or any other criminal activity/behavior Loss of privilege, and permanent banning from premises. 
Please understand that holding these expectations is what separates us from other gyms. We strive to maintain a safe and fun environment for training. 

Additional Guidelines

The open Lifter Pin or Patch

As an Open Lifter we have awarded you a custom pin or patch to identify you to the Coaches and other students. Although it isn’t 100% required, we’d really like you to have the pin or patch out some place easily visible so that we know your status. 

If you lose your Pin or Patch, you can purchase another one.

  • Pins are $5
  • Patch TBD

We Give Advice Thoughtfully

Even though you’ve been approved to lift on your own that doesn’t mean that you are above being coached. We are committed to always helping you to improve. We have no other agenda. If a coach approaches you while you’re lifting, please listen to their suggestions. 

It’s possible you or another student may have a helpful cue or suggestion when working on the floor with each other. We don’t have a problem with students helping each other, but the Coaches are the ultimate authority in the manner. When a coach is instructing they are the only ones doing so.

We agree to abide by this pledge at all times.