Iron Monkey Strength News


Iron Monkey Strength News

Today I want to update you with some important changes coming to our gym. I want to talk about some of the challenges I’m facing as a new business owner and running a fitness business. Finally,  let you know about some programs we want to bring to you before you year is up.

              Great, problem solved right? Not quite. You see New York, and Long Island are difficult markets for new businesses -especially fitness businesses. Landlords are super wary of startup fitness businesses because they often don’t make it after the first year or two. The bottom line is they want a tenant that will pay the rent and taxes every year, and they don’t want to have to keep filling vacancies. I get it, but man will someone give me a decent chance! Not only that, but every township has different restrictions and building code laws (and procedures for dealing with that). Anyway I’m working with 2 or 3 real estate agents to find us a new more permanent spot, and I hope to have good news to share with you regarding that very soon.

             If you’re a student here, then you already know that our gym space is currently very limiting. Although students have reported to me that they enjoy the “cozy” and family like feel of our current situation -thing need to change. I’m looking for a new location and that presents one of my greatest challenges as a new fitness business owner. I’m a trainer and coach. I’m not a lawyer, real estate mogul, or fancy business executive. That being said -I have to learn and adapt. I thought when I started this thing that I’d just buy a building and equipment and -BOOM! We’re in business. Nope. It turns out you don’t just buy a commercial building like you buy a house. There are a lot of legal and banking hurtles to get over before that tactic can be a reality. So, my lawyer and financial manager have convinced me to lease.

              On the more exciting side of things we’ve launched our very own Iron Monkey Strength App! We partnered with Mindbody and Fitmetrix to develop a simple and useful app for you! With the app you can

  • Manage your account and profile
  • Reserve a spot in a class
  • Check In
  • Purchase services
  • Get updates on new classes and events
  • Earn Reward Points to use on merchandise
  • Easily refer friends and family
  • Track your Heart Rate (HR)

It also lays the foundation for other features we may add as our business and services grow. Suffice it to say we’re pretty stoked. The app is available on both the App Store for Apple devices, and the Play Store for Android users.

              I’m working on some things now that I think will be pretty exciting. The first is a Reward Point system. Through the app we want to award points for participating in events, programs, your success, and being a part of our culture. Basically we’ll award you points and you can use those points to purchase products that we sell. There are quite a few things I have to sort out, but we’ll probably pilot this before we get the  gym. I’m sure there will be kinks in the system that’ll have to be worked out.

              Second is we’re considering adopting the Morpheus system for use in our group classes. If you’re not familiar with Morpheus it’s technology used to base an athletes working HR from their “Recovery” score tested earlier that day. The Recovery score used Heart Rate Variability (HRV) data, sleep, and other data to rate how recovered an athlete is neurologically. The idea here is to avoid overtraining. I’ve used Morpheus for about a year now, and I’m really excited about some of the upgrades that are coming with the new bands (the M5). I’ll be testing it out shortly. Joel and the folks at are working on an affiliate/wholesale option -and if all works out the Morpheus products will be available for purchase at the gym. The other cool thing I’m going to be beta testing soon is the Grid. This is an app for club owners to use that will allow me to view and display any M5 or M3 band synced and being used during my class. This way coaches can monitor how you’re working compared to the recovery score. Talk about personalized training!

              The last thing I’m considering is a Nutrition Coaching Group. What this would consist of is a weekly lesson at the gym for a monthly fee. This will not be a “weight loss” group, but rather a group with varying nutrition needs who need support and coaching on achieving their individual goals. So it could be an athlete looking to gain strength without gaining too much for their weight class, or a mom looking to start shedding pounds. It could be someone who just wants to start healthier eating habits, or someone trying to gain mass for a competition. The session would consist of 30-45 minute lecture or demonstration around nutrition, and 15 minutes of questions or personal sharing. For individual needs there will be post meeting office hour, and by appointment meeting time available. To be clear -I’m not offering this yet, it’s just something I’m kicking around.

              Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this update on Iron Monkey Strength. Feel free to comment or email me with your questions: [email protected] I’d also love any suggestions you have on future blogs. Thank you for reading, and until next time -cheers!