Iron Monkey Strength: A State of the State


Iron Monkey Strength: A State of the State

This month’s Coaches’ Corner is a general state of the gym, the way forward, and a little bit about future content. As a student of Iron Monkey Strength you’re helping us build something special and we greatly appreciate your loyalty and commitment to the process. You could train in fancier gyms, but you choose to come here to learn and train with us, and we are extremely grateful.

The state of things now. The current space is my garage. No locker rooms or showers or spas -that being said, we do have a fully equipped space. Whether you’re Weightlifting, Powerlifting, kettlebell or general strength and conditioning -we have everything you need, and a little bit more. The size of the garage restricts the number of lifters that I can have. For now, Small Groups will be restricted to 4-5 participants max. There will also be limited access to the equipment outside of structured classes.

All students at Iron Monkey will be regularly screened using the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS gives us a way to keep an eye on our athletes for movement dysfunction or pain. It’s a good system for keeping your movement healthy. I’ll do another post in the future that will more in depth about how and why we use the FMS at Iron Monkey Strength.

We’re also including Ground Force Method movement classes as part of any service you’ve signed up for. These classes are designed to stimulate your nervous system, improve your mobility, and strengthen your “core” musculature and function. By taking the GFM classes on “off days” we believe you’ll have faster recovery between training sessions and be able to perform your best when training. These classes may also incorporate Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), kettlebell training, and even Indian Clubs.

The way forward. The garage space is a staging ground for a much larger vision. While you are sweating it out in the garage space, I’ll be hard at work looking for larger space to move into. The goal is to move into a 3000+ sq. ft space. Here we will have a designated area for Olympic Weightlifting, and a general “gym” area for all kinds of training: barbell, kettlebell, calisthenics etc. The space will allow us to make the class sizes larger, allow open lift hours and sections, have more than one class going on during prime time hours, and host events.

So I want to thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for choosing to learn about strength, conditioning, and mobility. We look forward to teaching and serving you for a long time. Regarding future Coaches’ Corner Postings, I invite you to email, text, direct message on Instagram, or in person me topics that you would enjoy knowing more about as it relates to the training we do at Iron Monkey Strength.