Indian Club Workshop At Elite Strength


Indian Club Workshop At Elite Strength

I’m excited to announce that I have been invited to teach a workshop at Elite Strength and Performance in Deer Park, Long Island January 26th at 10AM. You register here

Take this introductory course with Strength Coach and Movement specialist Jason Giles. Learn how to get started with this more than a century old modality that improves shoulder, elbow, and wrist mobility and strength.

These techniques have been used by martial artists and gymnasts for centuries. Now you can learn to harness the techniques yourself to improve what you love doing, whether it’s golfing, surfing, or just playing a pick up game of softball. Indian clubs can help you enjoy it more.

Sign up today…..Only 20 spots available! Click here to register! 

Click the pic to read an article about Indian Clubs by Dr. Ed Thomas!



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