Chris Cardinali

“I met Jason at my first Tactical Strength Challenge in fall 2018. I wanted to improve for the next one and knew I needed a coach. After talking with him about strength and movement. I hired him as my coach for this one. One of my main goals was to hit 500lb in the deadlift. My previous best was 415lb. As time went on he laid a plan for me. At first I thought the plan was a lot. I expressed my concerns about it and he listened to what i had to say and made some modification. To me this is a sign of a good coach. When we got together he observed my form and told me where I could improve. I took his advice and also did the plan. on May 4th 2019 I was able to lift 500lb with no belt. I was very happy and proud of this. I would recommend Jason to anyone looking to get stronger and participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge.”

– Chris Cardinali