Cynthia Flores

“Being healthy, having enough energy to get through the day, and losing weight has always been a concern of mine especially after having knee surgery. I knew I needed to do something but what?

I recall reading an article about kettlebells. The author mentioned how it can help with overall strength, flexibility, balance, your core, and burning fat. These benefits were exactly what I wanted. That is when I actively began looking for a trainer whose primary focus was kettlebells.

I met Jason Giles and prior to our first training session we discussed my goals and any medical concerns. I explained how I had knee surgery because I tore my meniscus and rebuilding the strength and flexibility is slow going. I informed him that I am tired most of the time and that is not acceptable because I have two young boys that depend on me. I also said to Jason I would love to lose weight.

I began training with Coach Jason once a week privately 8 months ago. It was difficult at first but with the determination to change my health I continued. Jason is and has been very supportive of my goals and I trust his training programs. He is a trainer who believes that training/exercising with quality and integrity is more important than quantity. It is this approach to exercising that has helped me achieved another goal of mine and that was participating in my very first StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge back in May. I never thought I would be able to do it if it wasn’t for Coach Jason’s guidance, training, and his belief in me.

This past week I was surprised that I was able to perform a double kettlebell front squat. I have not been able to squat since my knee surgery, and that was 8 years ago, so that was an awesome achievement for me. One that I never thought would be possible again.

Taking that first step in making a kettlebell change towards a healthier lifestyle was one of the best things I have done. My family has noticed that I lost weight, am healthier, stronger, and definitely less tired. I am living proof to my husband and two beautiful sons that it is never too late to exercise and make a positive lifestyle change.

Coach Jason has changed my life for the healthier and I can honestly say I am lucky to be training with him. His passion, dedication and knowledge makes it all worthwhile. I now have new goals for myself and I cannot wait to get started.”

– Cynthia Flores